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Ilker E. Ataman
"another perspective"

Cedric Erni
"first they laugh, then they copy"

Our Story

The beginningfirst ideaWe, the both founders of Fresh Smoke, was in the same school during our apprenticeship as Design Engineer. InDuring a school lesson, we had the greate idea of a Shisha with a completely new cooling system. There was no similar products on the market, which had a system like that. For us it was clear: We need to test this system!had to make a prototype!Ffirst prototypeThe first prototype of this innovation was not as expected a failure. There was alot of All the unthight connections, but this wasn’t the mainbig problem. The biggeerst problem was an extremely hard draw, because of the 3 cooling steps. But we knew: We need towill get it!Developing of thean innovationAfter this failure we knew that this will be not an easy will be harder than we thought. We made a completely redevelopment and produced over 30 prototypes to get the best smoking feeling wich up to the physical border.Best design for an innovationA shisha with a completely new long term cooling systemeffect, need to have a special design.which design it should have?There should beIt needs a design, you never sa wand you can’t compare with any other Shishas in the market. SAnd so we decided for a simple and modern design with a touch of playful future effect.l - The cybe onejust an amazing one.Further stepsDuring the development of the cybe one,this innovation we also had a lot of completely new ideasinnovations. For some of them, there are already prototype existing. We work hard to bring them soon on the market.We already made a lot of prototypes for new products which are in development. Stay tuned and feel the change. 

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