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Our Story

The beginning
We, the both founders of Fresh Smoke, have been in the same school during our apprenticeship as Design Engineers. While having school, we had the great idea for a brand new shisha with a completely new cooling system. There was nothing similar on the market, which had this system we came up with.
Now it was clear for us, we need to test this system!

First prototype 
Shortly after the production of the first prototype, we noticed that it was not as expected. Producing a shisha with a completely new cooling system means completely new challenges. There was a lot of leaky connections. But the main trouble was to enable an extremely good airflow because of the three cooling steps.
At this point, there was no way back. We must do it on behalf of everyone.

Developing of the innovation
We knew that it would be hard and there wasn’t an easy way. We made a complete redevelopment and produced over 30 different prototypes to feel the difference of each and every parameter for the best performance and smoke experience.

Best design for an innovation
Of course, a shisha with a completely new cooling system needs also a revolutionary design. A design which has never been seen before and a design which can’t be compared to any other shisha. A modern and simple design with a hint of future was born.

Further steps
During the development of cybe one, we also came up with many and completely different ideas. Not only for the shisha itself, also for everything around it. We already have some prototypes for these new innovations.
The team of Fresh Smoke is working extremely hard to bring them to you as soon as possible.
Stay tuned and feel the change.

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