Cybe one - Maximum Enjoyment

Cybe one - Maximum Enjoyment

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A new and unique class of enjoyment, vibes and emotions.

The Cybe one shisha enables you a long-term cooling for your amazing shisha session with a design, you can’t compare with any other shisha.
Thanks to the innovative cooling system, the warm smoke gets cooled with several Percolators. The matchless design of the smoke channel allows you an unusual smooth inhale of 0,003 bar.

By stacking up your Percolators, you can build your shisha as high as you want!
Why? We don’t know - but you can!  


For the material we have chosen a special synthetic material in combination with high quality stainless steel. The exact type of the synthetic material is and will be kept a secret. If there would be something better, we’d use it. 

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